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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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What Shall I Do With Jesus?   1 comment


Above:  Ecce Homo, by Antonio Ciseri

(Image in the Public Domain)


Matt. 27, 22

1.  Jesus is a fact that must be considered.  Even his enemies deny not his life and works.  He is a character or person no one can ignore.  Everyone must answer this question.  It was important to Pilate and is to us.  The destiny of individuals and nations depend upon the answers given.

2.  Some try to escape the question

(a)  by refusing to decide, but that is only to reject him;

(b)  by substituting other virtues instead of believing in Christ;

(c) by laying the blame on others, or circumstances or temptation.

But if he is Christ nothing can excuse one.

3.  Rejecting Christ is the great sin of the world, trampling under foot such wonderful love.  Who sins against love will sin against law.

4.  Some day the question will be:  How can I do without him, ’tis that really every day.  But especially in temptation, sickness, death, and the judgment how can I do without him, his divine love, his divine help, his comforting presence?

“I must have the Saviour with me.”  Will you accept him now?