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“They…Followed Him”   1 comment

They Followed Him

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Matt. 4, 20


Leave the old life, everything that is not Christ-like.  This is very important else one is defeated from the first.  Pattern the life after this.


Pray like he did.  Seek God’s blessings in all things.  We need him.


Make it your aim to please the Father in all things as Christ did.  What joy is in it.


Try so to live as to be a blessing unto others whom we may help.  Love rejoices in it.


Let a forgiving spirit of love be an inspiration to all you meet.  Cultivate a kindly attitude and spirit.  Thereby you can help many.  “As I have loved you.”


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Live…By Every Word of God   2 comments

Live By Every Word of God

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Matt. 4, 4


To “live,” physically, mentally, and spiritually, doubtless is here meant.  Each according to its nature is to be fed.  “Have life…more abundantly” (Jno. 10, 10b).  How abundant is the life he bestows!


“By every word”

(1) Body nourished by ordinary physical food, air, & water.  He knoweth we have need of all these things.  Year by year the earth produces abundantly.

(2)  Truth from every source for the contemplation of the mind and our profit.  All truth is of God and it enriches life, makes it fuller.

(3)  Soul, spirit, feeds on, is nourished by things of the spirit–truth as revealed concerning God, man, sin, and salvation.  “I am the Bread of Life” is to the soul what ordinary bread is to the body, as:

(a)  warnings against sin

(b)  promises of his grace & of heaven

(c)  Communion with God and with good people

(d)  Guidance into truth & righteousness.

All these things feed the soul, strengthen the life & full us with heavenly manna.  Seek first his kingdom:  feed on these spiritual viands & prosper the soul.


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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Temptation of Jesus   1 comment


Above:  Temptations of Christ

(Image in the Public Domain)


Matt. 4, 1-11


Adam was the federal head of the race.  Christ the second Adam–our humanity.  Adam sinned and was driven into the wilderness.  Jesus goes there to overcome Satan.  Contemplates his life’s work.  Satan insinuates his plans for His life.


(1)  He first appeals to the bodily appetites as he did in Eden.  You were recently declared to be the Son of God, if so command bread ere you die.  But Jesus came to do his Father’s will.  When he says do it I will.

(2)  Subject my higher to my lower nature?  Not by bread alone, but by higher things.  He performed no miracle for himself.


If your trust is so implicit, then cast yourself down from the pinnacle of the temple; He will preserve you and folks will believe you.  But I will not tempt the Father thus, when He says so I will.  This is an appeal to the spectacular, idle curiosity, something strange.  Such methods are not of God, but of Satan.


Jesus came to establish a world empire.  So Satan offers him all if He will but fall down and worship him.  He offers a political kingdom.  Jesus bids him depart.  I will worship only my Father who sent me.  Mine is a spiritual kingdom and so are my methods through Calvary is in my path.

From that hour Jesus is Conqueror and we may conquer through him.  Then angels came and ministered unto him.  Blessed truth.


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Be Ye Also Ready   1 comment



I do not restrict my estimate of the timeframe of God’s grace to when one has breath.

My great-grandfather focused too much on the individual (especially in matters of sin) and too little on societal, structural issues (especially in matters of sin).  I have just revealed my Neo-orthodoxy.




Matt. 24, 44

1.  Man confronts an eternity of happiness or woe.  Death the door of entrance to it.  This his only probation.

2.  It is man’s one business here to prepare for the future–the greatest, all-engrossing question.  Who risks all will lose all at last.  Take no risk.

3.  He only is ready who is at peace with God–conscious of pardon.  If you do not possess this grace, seek it right now.  If you have it live it every day–stay at the post of duty.  O happy servant he in such a posture found.

4.  His coming will be unexpected by the sinner.  “My Lord tarrieth?”  It is a solemn thing to be called to meet him; no light affair.  The soul’s destiny is unalterable then.

5.  No matter how hard one must strive in order to live right, they will be glad of it.  Then we may have daily satisfaction from it too.  “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”  Heaven will be cheap at any price.

6.  Will you heed His admonition?

Seek His favor and live right every day.


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The Body vs. the Soul   1 comment



I think of a wonderful poetic image from Rumi:

Stay bewildered in God,

and only that.

Those of you who are scattered,

simplify your worrying lives.  There is one

righteousness:  Water the fruit trees,

and don’t water the thorns.  Be generous

to what nurtures the spirit and God’s luminous

reason-light.  Don’t honor what causes

dysentery and knotted-up tumors.

Don’t feed both sides of yourself equally.

The spirit and the body carry different loads.

Too often

we put saddlebags on Jesus and let the donkey

run loose in the pasture.

Don’t make the body do

what the spirit does best, and don’t put a big load

on the spirit that the body could carry easily.

–Translated by Coleman Barks; from The Essential Rumi (1995), page 256




Matt. 4, 4

1.  Man has a triple nature.  He cannot fulfill his mission without the development of each.  The life must be regulated for the good of the whole man.

2.  Satan’s appeal is in behalf of the body, only even to the ignoring of the soul.  Provide for it only.  But the soul is involved.  Christ’s is no meat & bread policy.

3.  Live by every word of God, the will of God in all things.  Must not divert the divine order–soul first.

The soul is fed by doing God’s will.  His grace is for us–his love, sympathy & word of truth.

4.  The soul desires, “crieth out for the living God.”  He alone can satisfy its deepest longing.  Christ is the Bread of life without which we perish.  He can do exceedingly “above all we can ask or think.”

5.  We have faculties and means.  God wants them used for our highest good and His glory.  The devil would have us use them for the body only that we may perish eternally.

Which will we do, neglect soul or feed it first and thus preserve the whole man unto eternal grace?