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A Good Name

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Prov. 22, 1


To make and hold a good name, to be well-spoken of.  We have a good or a poor reputation–name.  Everyone may have a good name.


We are daily building a name.  Every word and deed, our very manner, enters into it.  You are ever becoming the kind of person you are going to be, so no word or act is of small moment.

(1)  Some inherit a fine name.  It should be highly prized.  Money can’t purchase it, one act may destroy it.

(2)  But everyone can make a good name, though his inheritance may not have been good.  It will take time and labor, but it is worth it.  A bad man may have wealth, but what of it without the satisfaction of having a good name?

Poor people may be rich in the fine name they have and the kindly good will of the people.


It is better than great riches–above rubies.  It recommends religion to others and points them to the true values of life.


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