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“Give Me Thine Heart”   3 comments


Above:  Father and Son, Detroit, Michigan, July 1942

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Page 194 of the Sermon Outlines Book:

Prov. 23, 26

1.  God is the supreme need of the heart.  He alone is the source of spiritual life.  Separated from Him the soul dies.

2.  Hence he calls to all as a father:  “My son, give me thine heart.”  This is his speech to every human soul; give thy affections to God, as to love Him with all thy heart.

(1)  For our good He calls.  Would cleanse our heart for his own indwelling that we may rejoice in Him.  Would cast out Satan and reign there in love.

(2)  He is a jealous God.  It displeases God that man should dare love another.  Our hearts are His of right and He simply asks for his own.  He only can make us happy.

3.  This exhortation is a call to believe, love, and obey Him which is the sum of his exhortation and counsels to every child of man.  (Mark 12:30 & 33)

4.  When we do this, to serve Him is a delight.  We give up sinful and baser pleasures for higher, holier, even heavenly joys.

“Tongue can never express the sweetest comfort and peace,” one finds.

Then hear his call, give him your heart, and let heaven come into your heart.  Will you receive Him?



Page 269 of the Sermon Outlines Book:

Prov. 23, 26

1.  God is the supreme need of the heart.  No one can afford to try to get along without his blessing.  He is the source of all and we need him every day.

2.  Hence He called us to give Him, to love Him and live for Him every day.  It displeases Him if we love the wrong instead of Him.

3.  We can love Him–our hearts were made to love.  We can decide now to live for Him henceforth.  He loves us & so we can love Him.

4.  While we are children is the time to decide for Him.

(1)  It is easier to do it now.  See Ecc. 12, 1.  Habits of wrongdoing are  not formed.

(2)  It is the only safe thing–there is danger in delay.  By delaying one gets farther away.  Now is the best time you will ever have.

5.  Don’t you want to live right, to love God and serve Him, and get home to heaven?  Don’t you want Him to bless you now?