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Acts 26

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“Where there is no vision the people perish.”–Prov. 29, 18.  Paul’s vision changed his whole life and subsequent history.  In the light of it he walked and labored ever afterward.  It was a vision:

(1)  Of the nature of Jesus Christ as being the opposite of what Saul thought of him.  Divine and the Saviour of men.  How far-reaching is this truth.

(2)  Of his own sinful course.  Given a holy God, sin is very grievous.  “Against thee…have I sinned.”

(3)  Of God’s call to high and noble endeavor–to rise above the base things of the world and to render helpful service in Jesus’ name.


Saul responded, obeyed God’s call, walked in the light given and climbed to high & holy living.  “His grace was not bestowed on me in vain.”  “I made most of it, used it and labored more abundantly than they all.”


Whatever gleams of light & truth you have, grasp it eagerly, make the most of it.  Thereby life will be one of constant progress.


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Rejecting God’s Overtures   5 comments


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Prov. 29, 1

1.  God reproves men in sin many times as by His providences the gospel conviction of the Holy Spirit, warnings of friend, etc.  He is in earnest about it all.  It is not mere advice but is a command.

2.  But men do not always heed him; they often “refuse and rebel,” reject the easy yoke He gives.  “Ye would not,” said Christ to Jerusalem.  “Ye would not come to me.”  “Ye do always resist the Holy Spirit.”  All who are in sin do just this.  They reject the messenger and his message; hence [they] reject Him who sent it.

3.  But man must “repent or perish.”  “Saul, it is hard for thee to kick against the goads.”  “He that hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed,” broken as a potter’s vessel that cannot He mend.  Jer. 19, 11; Isa. 30, 14.  Who rejects Christ rejects his only hope–thus the Jews destroyed their own nation.

4.  “Without remedy.”  What more can be done for those who reject the gospel?  There is nothing left for God to do but to let them suffer from their own folly.  Prov. 1, 31; Amos 4, 12; 1 Cor. 16, 1.

Then heed His warnings, yield to His overtures ere it be too late, and be saved eternally.