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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Above:  The Seven Deadly Sins in the Human Heart, by Taolenn de Francois-Marie Balanant


Prov. 8, 36

1.  [Illegible word]?  Wisdom-Christ.

2.  Sin?  Lack of conformity to, or violation of law.

3.  God’s laws are beneficent; his love in the imperative mood.

4.  Man’s glory that he can sin; his eternal shame and ruin that he does.  Morals distinguish him from the brute.

5.  “Against me.”  Sin thwarts His good designs and offends Him.  Cost Jesus his life to redeem from sin.

6.  “Our soul.”  A self-injury, mortal suicide; affects the moral nature till one can’t escape from it.

(1)  Conscience to approve, a blessing in God’s purpose.  But sin causes it to minister to one’s wretchedness.  Thus one wrongs himself.

(2)  Capacity for happiness a great boon.  In righteous doings one has satisfaction.  Sin makes it a curse in our misery.

(3)  Influence a gracious power.  One need not go to heaven alone; but can carry others with him.  Sin makes it a curse in that one can’t help missing another.  Let us turn from it before we destroy our souls!


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