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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Willing, the Condition of Power   2 comments

Ps. 110, 3

1.  Displays of Divine power depend upon God’s readiness to bestow and man’s willingness to receive & use.

(1)  He is the great powerhouse of the universe.  Without Him nothing is, or can be–man can do nothing.

(2)  He would bestow His power upon man for his salvation and that of the world–for His every work.  How He helps man fight sin!  (Acts 1,8)

2.  With man rests the condition. “He delighteth in mercy”–is every ready to lend his aid.  But is man always as ready to receive?  There’s the rub.  Man’s deliverance is in his own hands as to receiving or rejecting help.  History illustrates this.  When did not God pour out a blessing when men moved Him by meeting the conditions?

3.  Is His blessing worth having?  Is it worthwhile, after all?  Do we need it?  Yea, how utterly hopeless without it!

Shall we not get rid of everything that hinders and open our hearts to receive His blessing?