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Character Building

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Ps. 127, 1a

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it….

Authorized Version


A strong Christian character is the grandest edifice ever built.  It is more powerful than Gibraltar, more enduring than marble, and a greater blessing than all material possessions.  We should be very much concerned to build such.


There are hurtful and helpful forces.  We must grapple with them.

(1)  The fear of the Lord is the bedrock on which we build.  Reverence and Godly fear are indispensable.  Be well-grounded here.  Irreverence is deadly.

(2)  Truthfulness must be inculcated.  No liar is a truly great man.

(3)  Personal purity–of thought, speech, and act are priceless.

Vileness is destructive of all character.  Evil thoughts are fatal.

Intoxication is a deadly foe.

Evil companions to be shunned.


In all things seek the guidance and blessing of the God.  Else all effort fails.  He is needed in the house.

Family religion so important that one may start right.  His blessing the one great up-building power in the world.

He can save and keep men unto eternity.

Never dream you can succeed without His blessing.


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