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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Christian’s Refuge   1 comment

Ps. 32, 7

Man’s conscious weakness and a sense of possible harm give a sense of insecurity and a need of shelter.

1.  Jesus is the soul’s only refuge from harm.  “Thou,” not another, “art my hiding place.”

From conscience.  An awakened conscience finds no permanent relief till a sense of pardon is realized.  “Who shall deliver me?”  Christ Jesus; no other one can.

2.  From lust.  He enables us to purify our thoughts and triumph over it.

3.  From Satan.  “As a roaring lion he goeth about seeking whom he may devour.”  Jesus conquered him and can succour us when tempted.

4.  From every ill of life, will bring good out of them all, as we trust Him.  “My grace is sufficient for thee” is His constant answer.

5.  From the wrath of God.  For Jesus’ sake to whom we commit ourselves we are pardoned and welcomed to heaven at last.

Seek refuge in Him for your soul and dwell safely and in happiness forever.


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The Soul’s Refuge   1 comment

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Above:  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky–Looking Backward, Circa 1891

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-96690

A Photograph by Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952)


Psalm 32, 7

Man is conscious of his weakness which gives a sense of insecurity.  He would find shelter.  Jesus is the soul’s only refuge.  “Thou,’ not another, “art my hiding place.”

1.  From conscience.  A sense of pardon quiets all.  “Who shall deliver me?”  “I thank God through Christ Jesus.”

2.  From lust.  He enables us to triumph over it.

3.  From Satan.  “As a roaring lion he seeketh whom he may devour.”  Stage keeper in a N.Y. park trembles at the lion’s roar–seeks a sense of safety.  Jesus is our great deliverer.  He conquered Satan & will help us.

4.  From every ill of life.  As we trust and submit to him he will bring good out of it all to us.  He strengthens in temptation, sustains in affliction, and comforts in sorrow, that no harm results but only good.

5.  From God’s wrath.  For Jesus’ sake he pardons and will acquit at the last great day.

Seek refuge in Him, dwell safely and in happiness.


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