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Psalms, Book IV (Psalms 90-106)   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


Psalm 90:

Psalm 91:

Psalm 96:

Psalm 97:

Psalm 100:


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Hatred of Evil   1 comment

Ps. 97, 10

1.  Sin as principle is so common we may unconsciously condone it.   We become less sensible of danger.  “Vice is a monster,” etc.

2.  But sin is to be hated, spurned, by every Christian.  Love the sinner for his soul’s sake; hate the sin.  Why?

(1)  Sin is the enemy of God & thwarts his plans.  His children should hate their Father’s enemy.

(2)  It hampers and curses man.  We all have felt its power.  Abhor our won and our brother’s great enemy.

3.  This will strengthen us against temptation.  It will not do to regard sin lightly as of trivial importance in its consequence.  If God is great, sin is great.

4.  Abhor it, turn from it in all its forms.  It is heinous.

The tragedy of the cross shows how awful sin is.  Hate it.


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