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Revelation to John   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Hell   4 comments


Above:  Lazarus and Dives

(Image in the Public Domain)


Luke 16, 23

Matt. 5, 29-30

Mark 9, 43-48

1.  Certainty of hell–Christ’s words.

2.  Who goes there?  The finally unrepentant.

3.  Nature of its punishment:

(1)  Banishment from God–“Depart.”  “These shall go away.”

(2)  Remorse of conscience–sense of guilt.  “Their worms dieth not.”

(3)  Sensibility of pain–“I am tormented in this flame.”

(4)  Sight.  Lost in sight of heaven.

(5)  Bottomless pit.  Sin plunges one deeper and deeper into ruin.  [Editor’s aside:  Someone–I do not know who or when–has marked through this item with a pencil.]

(6)  Associates–The wicked of all the ages–this is an awful hell itself.

(7)  Lake of unquenchable fire.  See Rev. 14, 10-11; 20, 10; 21, 8.

What depth of suffering and despair is in these several elements combined!

4.  How long shall this last?  Mat. 25, 46, etc.

God save us from such an awful doom!


The Judgment   5 comments


Above:  The Day of Judgment, by Fra Angelico



Typing this post while listening to the Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem is most appropriate.  It is what I am doing.  It is also ironic, given my great-grandfather’s negative attitude regarding anything related to Roman Catholicism.




Rev. 20, 12

1.  The propriety of such a day is seen from the fact that man does not always get justice from government.  Providence would suggest it too to even up matters that appear unequal here.

2.  Its certainty is emphatic.  (Heb. 9, 27 & Acts 17, 31)

3.  Who is to preside–Jesus Christ.  (Rom. 14, 10; 2 Cor. 5, 10)

4.  Time–no man knows but to many will be unexpected.

5.  Who will be there?  All men of every age, you and I must appear.  ‘Twere vain to call for rocks & mountains to fall on us and hide us from His presence.

6.  Strict account shall be taken of every deed, thought and word.  There shall be revealed characters, consciences and secrets as they are.

7.  A line is drawn separating the evil from the good, husband and wife, parent and child, are forever separated.  God shall banish the rejected ones, but welcome his own to Himself to enjoy the bliss of heaven.

Are you ready to meet Him?


Turn or Die   2 comments

Ezekiel 33, 11

God faithfully warns man of his danger.  He does not delight in man’s ruin, but love alone will save nobody.

1.  It is God’s unchangeable law that sinners must turn to Him or die.  It is impossible to admit sin into haven.  See Rev. 2, 18; 20, 10 & 15.

2.  But it is in his promise that the wicked shall live if he turn from it, e.g. the Ninevites, the thief on the cross, Saul, etc.  He tries to bring the sinner to repentance.

3.  He takes pleasure in man’s salvation.  The father welcomes the prodigal.  Shepherd glad to recover the lost sheep.  He delighteth in mercy.

4.  He would impress us by solemnly swearing it by His existence.

Can you still doubt him?

5.  He doubles the command.  He spake twice to Abraham& does to you here.

6.  Condescend to reason with you.  What answer will you make?  If you choose sin you choose, necessarily, its final consequence.

7.   After all this if man turns not it is not God’s fault that he suffers but his.  A man condemned in prison refuses pardon, whose fault that he dies?


Book Makers   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator Moody

Above:  A Moody Christ Pantocrator


Rev. 20, 12

1.  We are all book makers.  “Is not my record above?”  “Every act into judgment with every secret thing.”

2.  This done that righteousness may be rewarded and sin finished.  “To every man according to his work shall be.”

3.  No changing the record then.  Jesus comes, not in mercy, but to administer justice–to judge.  Probation forever ended.  Record sealed for all the ages.  “He that is righteous let him be righteous still.”

4.  Everyone to receive what he ought–justice.  No righteous act forgotten then ; no sin overlooked.  For every act will be rewarded.  There will be no covering up sin then.    How searching his all-seeing eye!

5.  The reward shall last forever.  The soul must forever abide its fate.  Dives and Lazarus could not pass the gulf.  Eternal life or eternal death.  Not extinction but eternal punishment and despair.  Immortality can’t be annihilated.

6.  How does your record stand?  Are you ready to meet it?  Now sin may be pardoned but not then.  Come to Him now!!