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The Lamb Slain   2 comments

Lamb Slain

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Rev. 5, 6-14


John saw the Christ as the sacrificed Lamb, standing and though it had been slain–suffering, sacrificed love in the midst of the throne.  The cross abides at the center of the whole Christian movement.  We owe all to the cross–the love that readies forth to help.


Honors are paid him.  “Worthy art thou to take the book and to open the seals”–to reveal and unfold the future–“for thou wast slain and didst purchase unto God men of every tongue and people and nation,” etc.

How timely this song.  In a day of so much strife [Editor’s Note–He referred to World War II.], this song from heaven has in it no place for narrow nationalism.  He is the universal Christ, the Saviour of every soul that looks to Him.  “Many shall come from the east and from the west, and sit down in the kingdom,” etc. (Matt. 8, 11).  “And I saw a great multitude which no man could number…clothed in white raiment” (Rev. 7, 9-10).


Christ is never caught off-guard by any conniving, scheming souls.

From on high he superintends the life and service of the church.  Today his [voice] is calling her to heroic effort to keep distressed lost souls.

His voice will be heard in the nations that a better day may dawn.  “I make all things new.”  Will not we gladly lend our aid in  so glorious a cause?


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