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Strength and Weakness

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Rom. 15, 1


Life is complex, having many relations.  We touch others, the strong and the weak.  What affects one affects all.  Here Paul urges the strong to assist the weak.


Strength and weakness are of many kinds, physical, mental, financial, spiritual.  They are found on every hand.

(a)  Physical.  Here we readily admit the duty of the strong.  No one expects a child to do the work of an adult, nor do they like to see the weak imposed on.  A bully is not popular.

(b)  Mental.  Those who are informed usually are glad to give instruction.

(c)  Financial.  Much can be done here to great profit.  To invest in human life pays large dividends.  Educators know this well.  It often enriches the state and the church through growth of character.

(d)  Spiritual.  Help men into the upward path; their salvation is of greatest worth.

Why should not all of us try to do more of this kind of work?

In every way we can let us assist the weak.


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