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Saul’s Opportunity and Failure   1 comment

Saul and David

Above:  Saul and David, by Rembrandt van Rijn

1 Samuel 15, 22-23

I.  Saul’s Opportunity

1.  Israel’s first king could have moulded and stamped himself upon the nation.

2.  Physically endowed; such as the people wanted–reserved and winsome and was victorious in battle.

II.  His Folly

1.  Because proud and self-willed.  Pride goeth before destruction.

2.  Disobeyed God in war against the Amalekites.  Set up his own will against God’s will.   Reverses will come now.

III.  God Rejects Him.

1.  The disobedient are never acceptable to God.  Sin is treason against him.

2.  God left him to his own fate.  “Ate of the fruit of his own way.”

3.  At Endor.  Bows before a class he once hated.  (Chapter 28, verse 15)  To what straits he is reduced only to learn of his utter ruin to come apace.

IV.  Sin Will Ruin Any Life, Yea, a World.

Let us obey him and live eternally.