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Trust in the Lord

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Ps. 115, 9-11


Man looks beyond himself for needed assistance and strength, depends upon something or someone to bestow the blessings he seeks.  He feels his own insufficiency.  Sooner or later he will find that vain is the help of man.


Some trust in earthly treasure or Godless pleasure for happiness.  How they are mooked thereby.  “Riches take wings” and the heart is surfeited by pleasure.

“A house is a vain thing for safety.”

Goliath fell before the youthful, trusting David.


How often we are exhorted to “trust in the Lord.”  Many have fled to him in times of peril and found his help sufficient.  In the seventh century B.C. Sennacharib threatened Jerusalem.  Hezekiah sent a messenger to Isaiah and went to prayer in the Temple.   In one night the destroying angel slew 185,000 and Sennacharib returned home.  [The] next day he was slain by his sons.

God’s help is more anytime than all the forces of sin.  He takes sides with his people and causes, the right to triumph.

“Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord.”