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Cherokee Presbytery (PCUS) Men of the Church Executive Committee Meeting Minutes from January 18, 1962   Leave a comment

Above:  A Cropped Version of a Photograph of My Grandparents, John Dodson Taylor, Jr., and Nell Barrett Taylor, at Summerville, Georgia, Winter 1960

Image Source = Gene McGinnis, Summerville, Georgia


Among the Presbyterian hymnals I retrieved from the old family home in December 1995 was Premier Hymns (1926).   Inside it I found a neatly folded sheet of typing paper, the text of which I replicate, edited only for punctuation, here.  My grandfather was active in the Presbyterian Church on the local and presbytery levels.





PLACE:  Rome, Georgia

Greystone Hotel, Rm 207

DATE:  January 18, 1962

6:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by President Dunn.

The following were present:  George Dunn, James D. Maddox, Robert G. Pllley, John D. Taylor, Todd W. Allen, and Sam Reed

The duties of the Vice Presidents was discussed.

The Dallas Convention was discussed.  Mr. Harold Clotfelter is the Presbytery contact for the Convention.  (P.O. Box 788, Rome, Ga.)

Plans were discussed about the Synod Conference to be held at Camp Calvin, Hampton, Georgia, on February 23 and 24.  All were urged to attend.

Spring Rally:

Publicity–Rev. Robert Pooley

Reservations–Vice President in each district will contact the churches and send number to Rev. Pooley, who will contact the host church

Program:  George Z. Dunn

Dinner:  Host Church

Rome and LaFayette church districts will be held March 26, 1962, at the LaFayette church.

Marietta and Cherokee districts will be held March 27, 1962, at the Mars Hill Church.

Dinner will be served at 6:30 P.M.

With no other business to discuss the meeting was dismissed with prayer by the Rev. Todd W. Allen.

Sam Reed, Secretary Treasurer

“Man’s Chief End is to Glorify God.”   Leave a comment

Above:  Seal of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983), My Great-Grandfather’s Denomination

FYI:  “Lux lucet in tenebris” is Latin for “The light shines in the darkness.”


All I have here, Father, take it,

Make thy praise my highest aim;

If I’ve talent, Father, make it

Work some honor to Thy name.


May not idleness abuse it,

But a zealous spirit lend;

Yet forbid that I should use it

For a low and menial end.


Fearful is the charge intrusted,

Much I know Thou wilt require,

And if Thou shouldst find it rusted,

How shall I escape Thine ire?


Or if used in fortune’s chase,

Or of fame–but fleeting foam–

We’ll dread Thine awful face

When in vengeance Thou shalt come.