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The Greatest Human Discovery   1 comment


Above:  Fig Tree, Sycamore Tree, Close Up, Palestine, Between 1934 and 1939

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-19321


Jno. 1, 49

1.  Nathanael discovered in a few short moments the greatest of all truths, viz:  that Jesus is the Son of God, and men have been learning it ever since.  It is a discovery, and how thrilling when first known.  But no may, having learned it, ever put another truth along side this one.

2.  But how did he discover it?

(1)  Nathanael’s character:  “…in whom was not guile.”  He had an enthusiasm for the good, ready to recognize it anywhere.  He had the single eye, purity of motive.  This is always of the utmost importance.  Contrast him with those Jews who were hostile to Christ.

(2)  Philip testified of Jesus and invited him to “come and see.”  What a happy service thus bestowed.

(3)  Christ read the heart of Nathanael and saw him under the fig tree at prayer.  If he can reveal to me myself isn’t he the Christ?

3.  This discovery anchors the soul and gives peace.  It has the assurance of a voice from heaven.  It is the Father [who] gives the vision and all may have it.

4.  But greater evidence follows, greater works witnesses.  Finally we shall see Him as He is, and be like Him.