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The Chief Places in the Kingdom   1 comment

NOTE #1:

I am certain that Sts. James and John Bar-Zebedee were our Lord and Savior’s first cousins.

NOTE #2:

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Matt. 20, 20-28

They looked for a temporal kingdom.  Did not regard Peter first.  James and John had received some seeming favors.  Neither had lofty aspirations.  They were possibly His cousins.

1.  “Know not what you ask.”  Do not know the cost–what your request involves.  We ignorantly ask more than we know.

2.  “The cup.”  One must pay the price for the distinction in any kingdom.

3.  “Save to those for whom it is prepared of my Father.”

To whom given?

(1)  Not on unconditional election.

(2)  One condition only,–service.  “I am among you as he that serveth.”  “Chief servants.”  “First-slave.”  The reverse of the manner of the Gentiles.

(3)  “I came to minister and to give my life as a ransom for many.”

Thus drink this cut to be near me.