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Love’s Anointing   2 comments

Jno. 12, 1-8

1.  Mary had chosen that good part.  She loved him for what he was and was grateful fir what he was to her.  Hence out of love she anoints him.

2.  Judas’ complaint.  Why this waste?  Would measure everything by the dollar mark.  Life’s richest blessings can’t be measured thus.  Sympathy’s tear, a word of cheer, a kind look or deed, can’t be appraised in pounds, but life would be poor without them.

3.  Christ was pleased in her deed.  Why?

(1)  It was done in love.  It makes any small deed above price.  “The greatest is love.”

(2)  She expressed her gratitude to him for what he had done for them.  Ingratitude is base and he who practices it despises it in others.

(3)  Thus he was embalmed in her love and could never cease to live in others.

(4)  The odor filled the house.  From such hearts and deeds arises a sweet-smelling savour to bless others, as his own sacrifice of love blesses all the world.  In this anointing of love she embalmed herself to all generations.