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Philip, the Soul-winner   1 comment


Above:  The Baptism of the Eunuch, by Rembrandt van Rijn



The New Testament meaning of belief is trust.  So

I believe…


we believe…,

as in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, mean

I trust


we trust.

Yet how many people who say those creeds know this?

When people ask me if I believe in God I suspect that they are really asking me a different question:

Do you affirm the existence of God?

The answer to that is:

Yes, always.

But, if the query pertains to trust in God, the answer is:

Most of the time, yes.

Of course, some people accuse me of analyzing the question excessively.




Acts 8, 26-39

1.  Philip was a soul-winner.  His a holy work, one Gabriel would gladly do.  “He that winneth souls is wise.” God works through men.

2.  He heard the Lord’s call to go toward [the] desert.  The Lord needed him down there.

God calls constantly by the Spirit and by providence for laborers.  He has something for us all to do.  O may we attend the call!

3.  Philip obeyed gladly.  He went promptly to his appointed service.  He was one who hunted an opportunity to help.

4.  He found a prepared audience.

The Spirit who calls us prepares the way for us and aids us as we go.  How important, then, that we follow his leading.

5.  He had an experimental knowledge of Christ.  Only this is our sufficiency:  can’t be a patented outfit.  That which we know, do we declare unto you.  “To know” is superior to “I believe.”

6.  Result–a soul led to Jesus, a multitude of sins hidden, and both parties happy.  Who would not gladly do this?



Responsibility Equals Opportunity   1 comment

The baptism of the Eunuch  *oil on panel  *64 x 47.5 cm  *signed b.r.: RH 1626

Above:  The Baptism of the Eunuch, by Rembrandt van Rijn


1 Cor. 16, 9

1.  Life’s opportunities for good are God-given.  He is sovereign and opens the way.  When He told Philip to go toward the desert He prepared the way before him.

2.  Opportunity measures responsibility.  What God makes possible for the church to perform He undoubtedly demands of her.  “A great door open unto me,” means a great responsibility placed upon me.  Let this fix itself in our minds.

3.  The church today has a great door open unto her.  Such an hour the world has never seen before.  God has gotten all things ready, unless it be that the church is not ready to improve the hour.  Great opportunities are here today.  They are thrust upon her; she has not sought them.  To save them she must do her best.

(1)  Foreign Missions a God-given opportunity.  God’s providence lays it upon the church.  Will she deny Him now?

(2)  Home Missions are important.  To convince men abroad of its power to save the gospel must do its work at home.  The aliens who come, our slums, and our country districts must be reached.

(3)  The Sunday School a great door.  Will all the church ever see it, and enter this work?  We must do it for Him.