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Evenings V: Bookends of Day   Leave a comment

A Bookend


Times of relaxation

And of

Watching Leno or Arsenio,

Serve to end days

Of work,

Worries, and frets

For many.

For others,

Each day is an endless

Time for contemplation and relaxation.


Evenings are

Bookends of type–

Wondrous and last

Bookends of day.


September 6, 1992

Evenings IV: Devotions   Leave a comment

A Candle Burning

Image Source = Anton


Every evening,

At some vesper hour or another,

I commune with God.


Sometimes a formal liturgy

Serves to assist my journey;

Other times, not.


Whatever the method,

My pinings for the divine find resolution

And my soul thrives magnificently.


These devotional times

Feed and nourish my soul and essence,

For humanity does love by the material alone,

But by the spiritual and comtemplative.


September 1, 1992

In Memoriam: Jean-Luc LeChat C. Taylor   Leave a comment

Jean-Luc LeChat C. Taylor (1990-1991)

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

When I needed companionship,

A furry friendliness,

He was there.


Jean-Luc was special,

For I virtually worshipped

The fur he shed on my clothing.


He was the first cat

I truly loved and adored.


And now he is gone.

I shall see him again in Heaven.


He was a cat,

Taken all in all;

I shall never look upon his like again.


September 24, 1991