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Above:  Silhouette of Thomas Jefferson, by John Marshal, Between 1800 and 1830

Image Source = LIbrary of Congress


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I detect some overgeneralizations here.  These were especially common prior to 1950s biblical scholarship, so they mark my great-grandfather as being of his time.  I recognize (thanks to 1950s forward biblical scholarship, the variety in first-century CE Palestinian Judaism–Judaisms, perhaps–and with it, the range of Messianic expectations from none to spiritual to political.  (I belong to a group that reads scholarly works regarding the historical Jesus and meets monthly.  Now I know more than I imagined that I might and wonder how much more I will know eventually.)

Nevertheless, there is much good content here.




Matt. 11, 6

1.  Christ was crucified because men were disappointed in Him.  They expected a political Messiah, as such as he would have been a bitter disappointment.  Disappointment may have entered into the treachery of Judas.

2.  These examples have many parallels or successors today.

(a)  Some want only a teacher of ethics, as did Thomas Jefferson.

(b)  Others will have only a political reformer.

Because of these delusions they are offended in Him though he is the Christ they need.

3.  The predominating idea of Christ is that He is a Saviour (Matt. 1, 21).  This is His real mission.  But the carnal mind is least inclined to accept Him as such.

He is more to the world as Saviour than as a reformer or teacher.  He will yet take this old world by his power.  All nations shall yet come unto Him; why not then be satisfied with Him?

4.  Again let us think, what will become of those who reject Him?  “Lord, to whom can we go?”

5.  By clinging to Him we find our all.  He has the grace we need.  It is He that holdeth our crowns in his hands.  It is to him [that] we must look to bring us all home to heaven at last.