William Lorenzo “Ren” Bishop (1889-1964)   Leave a comment

Cecil Guyton and Ren Bishop

Above:  Cecil Guyton (Left) and Ren Bishop (Right)

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


William Lorenzo “Ren” Bishop, born on January 18, 1889, in Wolfe County, Kentucky, was my great-grandfather.  He married Susan “Susie” Lavonia Cantrell (February 5, 1888-1965) in Coryell County, Texas, on August 20, 1911.  He died at Fort Worth, Texas, on March 28, 1964.  The youngest child of Ren and Susie Bishop was Lloyd Glen Bishop (October 20, 1927-July 3, 2003), my grandfather.

A collection of Ren’s postcards has come into my custodianship.  Others sent most of these postcards to my great-grandfather.  Yet some of the postcards are items he acquired by other means.  Some of them have no writing on them, in fact.  I conclude, therefore, that the images on those had some meaning to him–a fine reason to collect a postcard.

Many of the postcards came from Cecil Guyton, whom I assume was a good friend.  I have learned via postcards that Cecil took part in World War I, so the naval uniform in the photograph makes sense.  And, not accidentally, Ren and Susie’s first child (born May 6, 1912, in Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas) was Cecil Oran Bishop.



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