Christmas, Vidette, Georgia, 1981   2 comments


This post is related to Memories of Vidette, Georgia; Vidette United Methodist Church Parsonage, Vidette, Georgia; and Site of the Former Parsonage, Vidette United Methodist Church, Vidette, Georgia.

This afternoon, while sorting through the family archives again, I found this photograph, from Christmas 1981.

We see a portion of the den, a narrow and long room in the middle of one side of the small house, with a view into the dining room, a space of which I have little recollection.  The closed-up fireplace with the mantle, for example, surprises me.  I am, however, thinking about a space I left in June 1982, at the age of nine years, so I have a valid excuse.

I remember much in this photograph, however.  I recall the old-style cabinet television set, with the infamous needle-nose pliers, for changing the channel, vividly.  How could I forget the infernal needle-nose pliers?  I also remember the shelves above the television well.  I also recall that, in Vidette, we had few channels–three networks and PBS.  I remember that that there was often little worth watching on those.  There remains little worth watching today.  The main difference is the greater number of channels.



2 responses to “Christmas, Vidette, Georgia, 1981

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  2. Yeah, I remember that very few people had cable in those days – it had really only just come out, and cable was notorious for carrying shows that weren’t so family friendly – or so it seemed to us in Junior High.

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