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Above:  Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles (1300s), by Duccio

(Image in the Public Domain)


Jno. 14, 2-3

1.  Its certainty.  “I will receive you unto myself.”  “These shall go into everlasting life.”  “I will that they be with me where I am.”

2.  Its inhabitants–the angels and the good of all ages whose robes are white by the blood of the lamb.  They are there–all there–a mighty throng.

3.  It is a place; also a state of happiness.  Nothing to destroy its peace.

(a)  Its inhabitants are delivered from all ills of the body and spirit.  Sickness never comes and temptations do not annoy.  God shall dry every tear.

(b)  They are blessed with the smile of his loving approval, and they need no light of the sun, for he is the light of the city eternal.

(c)  They meet again with those they have loved and lost awhile and meet to part no more.  “With sons on our lips and with harps in our hands,/To meet one another again.”

4.  We are safe at home forever.  Shall go out no more but will enjoy eternal, unending bliss.  One day shall pay for all we suffer here.


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