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Jesus, Our High Priest   2 comments

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Hebrews 4, 14-16

I.  Jesus is the High Priest of the Christian church.  Heb. 4, 14 & 7, 17

II.  His equipment as Priest

1.  Priest must have sympathy–hence Christ was human and knew our lot.

2.  Must have divine authority that his mediation be acceptable.  Christ is the Son & has authority–Chapters 3:6 and 6:20

3.  The sacrifice must be without spot or blemish.  Hence he kept the law and is the Lamb of God without spot.  “Redeemed by his blood,” not by his obedience


1.  As Priest he offered himself for all men, a full, sufficient sacrifice.  No need of further sacrifice.  He is become the only salvation, as he has ever been.

2.  His work ceases not with his death.  With his blood he entered the holy of holies–heaven–to intercede for us.  As Priest he is our Advocate before the throne.  He “is passed into the heavens.”


Then let us join our prayers with his, approach boldly a throne of grace.  In his name call upon God and trust for mercy and help in every time of need.


The Great Commission   1 comment


Above:  A Globe

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 Mark 16, 15-16

I.  What had he done that warrants this command?

1.  He atoned for all sin–died for all men.

2.  Promised the Spirit to reprove the world–all men–of sin.

3.  Had received all power–authority–in heaven and on earth.

II.  How he commands his disciples to preach this gospel to all the world.–“Co-laborers–Witnessed these things”

1.  Peter held back till the vision convinced him.

2.  Still the church was slow and persecution arose, scattering them.


1.  We are not to question but to obey.  “He that believeth is baptized and shall be saved.”–Our part is to preach him; the rest belongs to God.

2.  The church has no right to exist save as she tries to save sinners.  We know to do good; will we do it?  Heaven stoops to help us, the world waits to receive us.  While we wait they die!  Thou haste to the rescue!!


Service the Test of Love   2 comments

Jno. 21, 6

In the presence of the other disciples Christ recommissions Peter.  With each profession of love He enjoins service.

1.  In both Testaments we are commanded to love God with all the heart and our neighbors as ourselves.  Love fulfills the law.

2.  Christianity is love; not simply a profession, but an experience–a change in the affections.

3.  Jesus would have us love him.  Lovest thou me?  To all such as do love him he commits some labor of love.  “Feed my sheep.”  I am going away.  Peter, if you love me look after my sheep.  Great trust

4.  How may those who profess to love him test their love so as not to be deceived?  How much are you willing to serve others in his name?  This answers it all.  “Pleasure of love is action; its test is what one will do for another.”  The man who loves his wife is glad to make her happy.  Peter, show your love to me by serving mine.  Not perfunctorily but gladly.

5.  Service must fittingly express one’s love.  Much given, much required.


Love’s Anointing   2 comments

Jno. 12, 1-8

1.  Mary had chosen that good part.  She loved him for what he was and was grateful fir what he was to her.  Hence out of love she anoints him.

2.  Judas’ complaint.  Why this waste?  Would measure everything by the dollar mark.  Life’s richest blessings can’t be measured thus.  Sympathy’s tear, a word of cheer, a kind look or deed, can’t be appraised in pounds, but life would be poor without them.

3.  Christ was pleased in her deed.  Why?

(1)  It was done in love.  It makes any small deed above price.  “The greatest is love.”

(2)  She expressed her gratitude to him for what he had done for them.  Ingratitude is base and he who practices it despises it in others.

(3)  Thus he was embalmed in her love and could never cease to live in others.

(4)  The odor filled the house.  From such hearts and deeds arises a sweet-smelling savour to bless others, as his own sacrifice of love blesses all the world.  In this anointing of love she embalmed herself to all generations.